An Affordable Desk Top Cutter for Hobbyists

New trends in home decor, invitations and stationary, woodwork, metal artwork, and even cake toppers have intricate details cut out from the materials. Inexpensive home improvements can be completed with a unique flair, and being creative is easier than ever. Instead of purchasing expensive handmade decor and products, make them at home.

New Opportunities

The individual with artistic ability, hobbyists, and even those who want to try innovative projects can now create their own designs and cut outs right at home or in a workshop. Small businesses can also begin to cut their own materials. Most people who need materials cut have to go to a lumber yard, or machine shop that has a large laser cutter. That can get costly fast, and take time away from doing the enjoyed activity.

Now, hobby laser cutters are available at affordable pricing. There are desk top models and small free standing ones that can be used just about anywhere. People can save money by making gifts instead of buying them, personalizing and engraving items themselves, and making shelves, planters, and garden fencing, among other household items.


The Boss Laser Ls-1416 hobby cutter is designed with an open table to accommodate projects of all sizes. Software is pre-installed, and the machine also accepts downloaded files. The American manufacturer designed the desk top cutter with an open table to accommodate projects of all sizes. These cutters are ideal for wood, stainless steel, acrylic, paper, glass, gold, sliver, copper, and aluminum.

Free lifetime technical support is provided with the purchase of any sized machine, from the desk top to the industrial fiber laser cutting machines. The company website also includes dozens of “how to” videos for all types of cutting and engraving. Quick and efficient solutions are presented to help customers get the most out of their machines.


For those who are unsure if the investment will save time and money, add up all the outsourced cutting expenses for the past six months. Include travel expenses and the value of your time. Compare that total to the cost of a hobby cutter. Try to estimate future savings from making gifts and doing home improvements.