Monstercloud Cited In Wikipedia Article About Ransomware Threats

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Mar 15th, 2017
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Every day, any day, a business can fall victim to one form of cyberattack or another. The major threat faced by computer users and business owners today is that of ransomware. In a real sense, your computer is kidnapped the moment a cryptovirus opens in the hard drive. Spreading to every file and encrypting it with an unbreakable lock, and in some cases to the master system access file, the affected computer is put out of action until the ransom is paid. Even then, there is no guarantee the criminals will release the decryption key or not make future such attempts at blackmail.

With monstercloud cited in wikipedia as a source for its article about ransomware threats, this firm is identified as one of the primary operations involved in the professional combat against ransomware along with other cybersecurity companies. Each of these are on standby for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is because the longer a computer system is out of action, the longer a business is crippled.

The first action taken by computer technicians is to examine the infected system to determine the extent of intrusion and damage. This is accomplished by running a complete scan with the latest updated antivirus applications. By examining the results of the scan and characteristics of the foreign application, it is possible to identify the cryptovirus involved. The scanning program selects the antivirus program to eliminate the intruder from the database. After this, the work of file recovery may proceed. Automated decryption applications will unlock all affected files. The latest versions are updated to recognize and neutralize the most recently developed cryptoviruses such as Dharma and Wallet. After this, the system can be restored from backup. Following this, the client is provided with anti-infection software such as HitmanPro or CryptoGuard, updatable with the latest modifications to deal with each new version of known malware applications as they appear.

While reading in the news of the prospect of cyberwar between nations, one must realize that cyberwar is and has been an ongoing effort in the private sphere. Cybercriminals plan and devise new attacks every day. Against this are arrayed an army of private cyber-security experts engaged in counterattacks and defenses. It is a never-ending war that demands both vigilance and creativity to win the day and save a client’s system from destruction.