3 Different Kinds of Freight Transportation

Franchises that sell large numbers of goods or very sizable goods hire freight workers and experts to deliver their items quickly and safely. Take a look at freight broker Benicia CA to learn more about logistics and transportation services. Check out these three modes of freight transport.

1. Air

Air freight transportation involves a company picking up goods at a particular location, obtaining some sort of clearance for export via flight, and delivering those goods to another location. Customers who procure air freight services can choose three to five days, second day, same day, and even overnight delivery. Many businesses that sell products on a global scale take advantage of this kind of freight transport because it is an easy way to send items to other countries.

2. Ocean

Establishments that want to deliver items internationally can utilize ocean freight services. Ocean freight transport is not as fast as air transport, since products loaded and carried in ships can take weeks to arrive at particular destinations. Nonetheless, maritime transport is one of the most popular ways of shipping items. This is likely due to the fact that cargo ships can hold higher volumes of goods than other means of transportation.

3. Ground

Ground freight services are fairly diverse in nature. One can employ cars, trucks, or trains to ship certain items. Many businesses that focus on local and interstate sales purchase ground freight services. These businesses often have loading docks where vehicles can park and collect items. The ground freight industry is extremely influential. Whole cities have launched urban planning initiatives to make the coming and going of freight vehicles and locomotives more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and less noisy.

The world of freight travel is a vast one, and it can be somewhat intimidating. Business owners should do their research before buying freight services.