3 Situations When You Need a Lawyer

In life, there are certain circumstances that require lawyers. The legal system is intricate, and these legal professionals can help you more easily navigate it and have a favorable outcome. Here are three situations that require lawyers.

1. Lawsuits

If someone has filed a civil lawsuit against you involving significant amounts of money or property, get legal representation. The plaintiff will probably have legal representation, and hiring your own lawyer is a good way to prepare a solid defense.

2. Workplace Injuries

Even if you were openly hurt while working, some employers may hesitate to pay you benefits. Injury coverage can help cover medical costs, long-term disability, and retraining. Each state sets its own laws regarding coverage for injured workers, and some, such as Oregon, make winning payment for on-the-job injuries more difficult for employees. In this situation, you need a lawyer experienced in workers compensation Portland.

Generally, companies will hire aggressive legal representation. If you try to take them on yourself and you are not well-versed in your state’s legal system, you might not only lose but also face expenses that drain your already strained budget even more. Hiring a lawyer can help you protect your interests in the legal arena and get necessary benefits.

3. Criminal Charges

The idea of facing criminal charges may sound terrifying, and it is serious. Charges can come from multiple alleged offenses, including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Drugs offenses
  • Various degrees of assault

If you face serious criminal charges, hire a lawyer to represent you in the legal system and courtroom. There have been famous cases of people charged with serious crimes defending themselves, but unless you are prepared to live with the consequences of losing a criminal case and being convicted, hire a lawyer.

Life is full of unexpected situations, and some of them intersect with the legal system. In these situations, you need a lawyer to defend your rights and help you win your case. Lawyers can help deliver justice to you, which is the premise upon which the legal system is based.