3 Timely Professional Development Topics

It’s a good idea to gather your employees together for regular professional development. However, you want these sessions to be useful and not just wastes of time. As you plan your next round of meetings, incorporate the following timely topics to engage and educate your employees.

1. Safety in the Workplace

Staying safe at work used to be an easy topic to cover. You needed to emphasize being wary of strangers and unmarked packages, and you had to explain the fire evacuation route. Now, with the advent of COVID-19, staying safe in the workplace is a lot more complicated. Employees need to wear masks, limit their contact with each other, and practice good personal hygiene. If you are worried about your employees taking this training seriously, hire outside experts who specialize in safety programs Waterbury Center VT.

2. Racism and Discrimination

The past few months have brought racial tensions in the United States to the center of everyone’s attention. You need to figure out how to support your Black employees and make it clear that you condemn all forms of racism. At this professional development meeting, speak about the importance of respecting other people before reviewing the laws governing discrimination in the workplace. If you are Caucasian, consider asking an expert in diversity training to handle this meeting.

3. Sexual Harassment and Assault

Several federal laws govern your handling of sexual harassment and assault cases, so you need to be proactive about dealing with complaints. At your meeting, explain your office’s complaint system and how it ties into federal law. Ask one of your human resources representatives to give tips on keeping all workplace interactions professional.

Right now, your employees probably groan when they think about attending professional development. By focusing on these critical topics, you’ll gain your employees’ interest and make a positive change in your work environment.