Backyard Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about the state of your backyard? It may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t take much to give your backyard a complete makeover. Some small improvements, a little bit of color and a statement piece can make a big difference.

Yard Art

There’s a pretty good chance you have art inside your home, but have you considered purchasing a contemporary art piece for the outside of your house? Sculptures, fountains and free standing fire pits can add a refined element to an otherwise plain space. Some handcrafted metal art pieces are designed to change color after being exposed to the elements.

Flower Pots

Adding some colored flowers to your yard can perk up any drab corners. If you have terracotta flower pots in your garage, that’s a good start. However, it will make a world of difference if you put some brightly colored paint on them. You can even paint simple designs or use stencils to customize your pots. Grab some fresh potting soil and colorful flowers from a local plant nursery and your yard will look better immediately.

Fresh Bark Mulch

A lot of people use wood chips or bark mulch in their yards, especially around the base of trees or to cover walking paths. It looks great and also helps control weeds. However, mulch breaks down over time and needs to be replaced. A fresh layer of new chips or mulch can greatly improve your yard’s appearance. You may even be able to get them for free from a local arborist.

Patio Furniture

The best part about a backyard makeover is that you’ll want to start spending more time outside. This means you’ll most certainly want to purchase some new patio furniture. You want to get something that looks nice in your new space, but you also need to make sure it’s comfortable.

When it comes to a backyard a little bit of effort can result in a huge improvement.