Basic Tips for Writing a Resume

Writing a good resume is essential for landing higher-level jobs. Your potential employer can immediately discard your application if they see something they do not like.

If you want help with executive resume writing, continue reading this article for some expert tips. Do not submit a resume without a sufficient understanding of what makes a good resume.

Update Your Information

You want your contact information to be up to date. If you have not applied for a job in a long time, make sure you do not submit old information. Do not put your marital status, birth date or other personal information. Your employers should only focus on your qualifications and nothing else.

Create a Business Email

If you still use your high school or college email address for applying to jobs, it is time for an upgrade. Create a simple email address that only includes your name. Avoid cute or funny handles that can make you look unprofessional.

List Your Most Recent Jobs First

When you list your job experience, start from your current job and work your way backward. This creates a better sense of your recent experience, and most employers will only focus on the first few jobs anyways. Keep your job experience within the past 10 to 15 years.

Use a Consistent Style

Consistency is also essential. Keep your font size the same for each segment. If you bold one title, make sure you bold every other similar title. Use the same header for your job titles. Also, do not use an excessive amount of font styles. Stick to two or three at most, and do not use them in a distracting way. The focus should be on the content.

Besides the tips listed above, there are plenty of guides you can use for writing a resume. You might want to consider hiring a professional or paying for a service if you do not feel comfortable writing one on your own.