Commercial Ventures on the Waterfront Have a Big Draw

There are many advantages to having a body of water in close proximity to your commercial building. A hotel with a view of a lake, for instance has a lot of visual appeal, as does a golf course near a pond. Following are a few of the reasons that waterfront properties are so popular.


No resort would be complete without a water slide or pool area, a river running through the property, or other water features. Boat or ferry rides may be offered by certain businesses or may attract clients with the lure of fishing trips. In some cases you may find the river or such to be polluted with garbage, a beaver dam or an overgrowth of strangling plants. Look up dredging services near me online to find a company who could deal with cleanup and restore the mess to pristine condition.

The View

Customers are generally willing to pay more for a hotel room with a picture-perfect view. When that includes a river, lake or seaside, the value is perceptibly more. In particular, luxury hotels located near such have a greater draw in than those without. Likewise, restaurants may set aside a section of dining room with a view of the water for reservation only and may offer more expensive menu items to those customers wishing to enjoy that view.


There is something very calming and restorative to the mind and body about watching a lazy river roll by or listening to gentle waves lapping upon the beach. For many decades, people have taken to the seaside as a way to heal from illness or find peace from mental distress. That makes a waterside location ideal for for a health retreat or spa.

If you’re planning a new build, you might want to consider the added draw to customers of locating near the water. Make sure it is well planned and made to be easily accessible by your guests. It is a business decision that is sure to have a large return on investment.