Competing Within the Music Industry

Competing Within the Music Industry

With so many different genres of music and so many bands and musicians competing within each genre, it can be tough to get your music heard.

If we think about the diversity of music; you’ve got rock, punk, singer songwriter, metal, soul – the list is endless and there are so many sub genres within these main categories too.

The promotional strategy will vary within each different style of music but the fundamental basics will always be the same. You need to target people who are interested in your genre first and foremost. There is no point in a metal band targeting an audience who are going to be listening to chart music. Of course, many people have a varied taste in music so there may be individuals who listen to this music that will be interested in yours, but generally people sway more towards one genre than another.

Start with your friends. There is a good chance they are into the same music as you. Ask them to spread the word and ensure that they come along to any gigs that you perform. Word of mouth is a great way of promoting your band.

Use the internet. The internet connects people regardless of geographic location. If you can find people with a common interest, connect with them. Use social networking, online communities and forums. These are great ways of making people more aware of the music you create.

Post videos on YouTube and other video sites. If you perform covers of popular songs, these are likely to be picked up by fans of the song in question. Performing live music online can be a great form of promotion. If they like what they hear, there is a good chance they will listen to your own material you have uploaded and hopefully visit your website or other social media profiles. This can be a great way of attracting an audience.

Communicate with music bloggers and make a personal connection. If you can do this, they may promote your website on their blog and post a review of any material you release. Music blogs receive a great number of visitors and along with this, receive a lot of requests. Make sure any correspondence you send their way is personal and genuine. Offer to return favours if you are asking for them as it can’t just be a one-way street.

You should combine any promotion you do offline with what you do online. Make the two consistent and integrate them. The internet should not replace what you do in the real world, but it’s power and potential cannot be ignored.

If you find there is a market for your music within another genre (if the two cross over for example) then expand your promotion to this audience too. Try to keep your targeting as specific as possible as this will yield the greatest results.