Getting to Know Manager’s Duties

The success or failure of a team/division/department is highly dependent on the role and ability of the manager. Basically the main task of the manager or manager’s duties are manage talent and make decisions that have a positive impact on the team.

In particular, the manager’s duties also include the following:

One of Manager’s Duties is Planning

Managers are required to be able to plan every strategy to achieve company targets, which are adjusted to existing policies.

Another Manager’s Duties Organize and Supervise

Basically, the manager’s job is not only to lead, but also to be able to organize and supervise all activities in management. In other words, managers must ensure that the people they lead can work well, effectively and efficiently according to applicable procedures, in order to achieve the target.

Define Standards

The next task of the manager is to determine the quality standards of work that each employee will have to meet. A manager can determine the quality performance reference that is in his team, which is linear with the targets set by the company.

Conducting Evaluation

In addition to regulating and supervising and setting quality standards, managers are also tasked with evaluating employees. Therefore, a manager must have the ability to make an objective assessment of performance.

In addition, the manager’s job is no less important is to be an example or role model. Managers must be able to exert a positive influence on team members. That’s why a good manager not only gives orders, but also intervenes when there is a problem.

Then, a manager must also follow the rules that have been set by the company. For example, when the company has set working hours, a manager must be the first to obey the rules. This is necessary in order to create discipline in the corporate environment.