Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

At times it is said that paradise is a state of mind. But when you visit Puerto Vallarta, you come to realize that it can also be a place. Puerto Vallarta is a world renowned resort city which is located on the Bay of Banderas in the Pacific Ocean. It has been named after a former Governor of Jalisco, Ignacio Vallarta. It is called Vallarta in Spanish and the English speaking population prefers to shorten it to PV.

The climate in this resort city is typically tropical and wet & dry. During the months of July to September, there is high humidity in the air which makes the weather almost intolerable.

The city was just a small fishing village till the turn of the century and then also till the late 60s and 70s it continued to be a small town which was slowly developing into a tourist place. Then in the 1990s, Puerto Vallarta experienced some reforms which resulted in a boom in the infrastructure and construction fields.

At present Puerto Vallarta is one of the leading tourist destinations in Mexico and also has a vibrant economy. Tourism contributes to nearly 50% of the total share in the economy. The busiest tourist season is from late November till March. Puerto Vallarta is very popular among the students on the West Coast of USA who like to come here for their spring break holiday. Given such a conducive environment, numerous hotels and resorts have cropped up in the area, which cater to the lodging needs of the visitors from all walks of life.

There are lots of activities which capture the fantasy and imagination of the travelers to Puerto Vallarta. One can easily swim with the dolphins in the Bahia Banderas or enjoy putting on the long stretches of the various golf courses strewn across the place. Visitors can also enjoy horse back riding while in the city. There is no scope at all for anyone to get bored in this place because there is an abundance of activities and entertainment.

Some of the best resorts and hotels are located in the cities which offer amenities and services suited to the international standards. Puerto Vallarta is a very scenic place and has a perfect setting for spending the best romantic moments of your life here. There are plenty of luxury and boutique hotels which cater specifically to the Adults Only population.

Some of the best romantic destinations in Puerto Vallarta could include:

Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa is an adults only small luxury hotel which is a combination of exotic setting with an impeccable service, designed to pamper the fantasies of the guests. It is located just a short distance away from the coast line and it is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Then there is also the Casa Velas Boutique Hotel which is an all-inclusive resort which is located on the Marina Vallarta Golf Course with the Banderas Bay a few minutes away. It is an enchanting tropical paradise which rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

Apart from these hotels there are many more resorts in the city which provide beautiful, tranquil surroundings to have those special moments with your loved ones. Puerto Vallarta is a place which beckons everyone for a second and a third visit after you have spent some time here.