How to Write Branding Articles For the Industry

How to Write Branding Articles For the Industry

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be Branding experts. Some of them work as consultants, some of them work in advertising agencies, and some wish they were working, probably laid-off due to the global economic meltdown. Many of these Branding experts, some self-proclaimed, are writing articles online and submitting them as online content.

Often, I am baffled at some of what I am reading, as it appears that these folks have no experience in the industry at all. If they are really experts why aren’t they submitting articles, reports, and white papers to BrandChannel dot com or some of the major well-known and well-respected marketing magazines?

Likewise, there is more to Branding then analyzing in hindsight the mistakes that major companies make with their brands as they fail to communicate to their brand loyalists. It’s amazing how many people will sit back and judge the decisions of companies, but have never participated in the Branding of anything big in their life.

During the last three years, I have written nearly 100 articles on the subject of Branding. Prior to my retirement, I ran a national franchise chain, and handled all the brand logos from start to finish over a 20 year period. I can tell you this, Branding might look easy, but it certainly isn’t easy in real life. For those that try to second-guess companies and their branding efforts, I think we should look at the writer’s resumes first.

If you are going to write quality content online about Branding, then I hope you will take a realistic approach, not be so quick to judge, and become part of the solution prior to a challenge or Branding crisis. Please consider all this.