How You Can Supplement the Cost of Owning Horses

If you have an excess of land to be able to keep horses on your private property, then you know the space isn’t the only thing you need. Horse owning is an expensive endeavor; so, below you will find some ideas to supplement the cost of owning these amazing animals.


If you have the acreage and a large enough barn, you can offer horse boarding to others in your area. You can accept payment in a monthly fee or in work completed by the other owners. Keep in mind that if you choose to board horses that are not yours, you will need to find a good horse insurance quote to protect you and the animals on your property.

Riding Lessons

Horse riding is an exciting pastime that can take years to perfect. If you have the experience and one or two gentle horses on property, then you could offer lessons. There are many horse riding disciplines you could teach, such as general riding, dressage, jumping, or even barrel racing.


When comes time to wean foals and colts from their mothers, they often go to large farms and green spaces for training. Just like people don’t naturally know how to ride a horse, horses do not naturally know how to accept humans on their backs for recreation or sport. If you have the expertise, you could offer horse training programs to owners who want their yearlings trained for a specific purpose.


Finally, if you have a stallion with a strong pedigree, then you could charge a stud fee for other horse owners who want their mares to have strong, fast, or beautiful babies. You may even own a portion of the new foal or colt after it is born as an added bonus.

Horses require a lot of expensive specialized care and plenty of space, so consider your options in helping to offset the cost for you.