Know What You’re Up Against With a Ransomware Malware Infection

An employee is on their computer and all of the sudden a pop-up appears that demands a ransom is paid before they can access the computer again. At this point, they need to isolate the computer, determine what type of ransomware has appeared, and eliminate it. If the employee isn’t familiar with ransomware, it’s a good idea to contact an expert to get rid of it for them. Understanding the types of ransomware and what they can do is a good idea for most business owners.

Types of Ransomware

  • Locky – This ransomware virus deletes the information on the computer as well as all back-ups that are stored on the computer so the information cannot be recovered.
  • CryptXXXX – Steals credentials to allow anyone to access the private information stored by the business. This information can then be easily stolen by using the usernames and passwords of the employees.
  • RaaS – This allows anyone to create a ransomware program, which makes it even easier for those who want to steal confidential information to do so. They do not need to have any knowledge of hacking to create a ransomware virus to steal data.

What Can Ransomware Do?

Ransomware was created by someone who often wants information, but they might have other reasons for creating the virus. Although some programs will just lock the computer and demand money to unlock it, other are going to do more damage. They might delete the data on the computer just because or they might steal the data and threaten to release it to the public. Doxxing is where the information that is confidential is released and anyone on the internet can find the data. When credit card numbers, names, and addresses of clients, or other information is found by these viruses, all of it can be released online where it can be used against the clients. This can be devastating for the business and their clients.

Business owners need to be worried about ransomware and any other malware infection that can affect their computers. Talking to an expert can allow the business owner to get a better idea of what to do if an employee notices a pop-up demanding ransom on their computer or if they notice any other signs of a virus. Prevention and knowing what to do if anything happens can significantly decrease the chance of serious issues resulting from ransomware.