Pioneer CDJ 900 – Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Pioneer CDJ 900 – Revolutionizing the Music Industry

The new Pioneer CDJ 900 has many unique and excellent features which sets it apart from all other multi players making it a hot favorite among professional DJs. One of the main features is the Multi format playback which includes MP3, AIFF, WAV and AAC audio files on both USB and CD.

Another unique feature of the Pioneer CDJ 900 is the slip mode; when this functionality is activated, you get a continuation of song playback whether it is a reverse, loop or scratch. Thus, the audible playback continues at the precise time even when the loop or scratch has ended thereby enabling a smoother transition. This professional multiplayer also comes with an advanced auto beat loop system in which a four beat loop is generated just at the touch of a button thereby allowing you to create customized sound. This feature also helps DJs to get more time when blending in or while making a transition between music files.

The CDJ 900 also has the MIDI which allows functionalities like DJ effecters and also software with mapping capabilities. The software that is included in this multi player is absolutely free; this is the Rekordbox Music Management software. This patented software from Pioneer allows a DJ the freedom to organize and catalog his entire music library. Once you import the music files to the Rekordbox software, each file is analyzed and then prepared for using on the CDJ turntables.

What makes this multi player different from the others in the market is the fact that it has every feature that a professional DJ really needs. It incorporates the multi format digital turntables which not only provides the DJ with the ability to access but also search and content all the music files directly. You also get exemplary quality standards and the convenience of native playback along with this. The media files can be accessed using various compatible medium like hard drive, flash media and CDs. The multi player is also compatible with most of the top DJ performance software available today.

The Pioneer CDJ 900 is a sleek, compact and stylish multi player that every professional DJ must have to complete his performance system. The software technology used in this is not only user friendly but also helps to bring out the creativity as it offers many unique features and functionalities. Apart from the improved audio output, there is also a Wolfson DAC processor and a 24 bit/48 kHz sound card.