Qualifications to Become a Notary

Many people would like to become a notary and for a good reason. It is a public service that also enables you to earn a side income. When people need an official document witnessed and signed, they depend on a notary to help them get that done. When a notary provides their stamp on a document, the government is assured that the person named on the signature page is actually the one doing the signing. With that in mind, let’s look for a moment at the qualifications to become a notary.


You cannot just sign up to become a notary. There is some training that you must undergo first. This differs depending on the state that you are in, but most require that a three to six-hour course be taken before sitting for the examination. That’s right – there is a test involved before you can become a notary in most states. There are a few states that do not require a course be taken before the examination. You can find courses that are approved by your state by contacting a notary organization in your region.

Requirements for Licensing and Certification

Notaries are licensed by the state. They receive a commission that will last for so many years, after which it must be renewed. Each state will have different requirements for licensure, beginning with an age requirement of 18. As mentioned, some states will require that a training course is completed, with others requiring an examination. You will also need to have your fingerprints taken in order for the state to complete a background check on you.

Some Final Notes

If you would like to become a notary, the process should not take you very long. The educational courses that are required should not take up much of your time, and examinations are typically offered at a location not far from most major cities in each state. The majority of the time that it takes to become a notary will be waiting on the state to process the notary application. There are also many jobs available for a notary public, as their services are always in demand.