Tips for Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

Owning a restaurant is a fun but exhausting career choice. Meeting the demands for culinary approval while keeping patrons safe and healthy can be a bit overwhelming. Because of the nature of your business, it is never wise to operate a restaurant without comprehensive liability insurance. This kind of policy can help protect from financial loss in the event of structural or property damage, and having a fire breakout is a very real threat in the industry. Here are some tips for fire prevention.

Limit the Liability

Operating the many stoves, fryers, grills, or other electric or oil appliances is one the biggest fire liabilities your facility will encounter. Because of the exhaust and fumes that can build up, it is highly recommended that you employ a restaurant hood cleaning Orlando FL company to conduct a thorough cleaning every three months. If your chefs rely on wood-burning or charcoal grills, the system should be cleaned weekly.

Conduct Training Often

There is the potential for high turnover in the hospitality industry, and it is important that all of your staff are familiar with fire procedures. This helps keep individuals aware of how to spot hazards, implement safety procedures, and assist with an orderly evacuation. Employees should know the differences in the types of fire extinguishers and how to operate them.

Inspect the Fire Alarms

Making sure the early warning system is active can help prevent a massive fire. Highly sensitive smoke detectors and triggering alarms should be in top-notch condition. The expectation that warnings will be immediate can save lives. Ensure that the corresponding sprinkler systems are in good working order and will engage when necessary. Have a routine evaluation of these items included in your monthly maintenance plan.

Preventing fires is the work of all employees at your restaurant. Watching open flames, monitoring grease splatter, and limiting hazards is everyone’s responsibility. Prevention will be the best option for avoiding fire damage.