Many women crave to have ideal weight. In addition to ideal body weight, usually, women also want a beautiful body shape. To achieve all that, one way that can be taken is to diet. But many women feel tortured with various diets that exist. Even up there are women who have been lazy first when hearing the word diet. Hearing it already lazy, what if told to do.

Basically, to get the desired results we do need a struggle. But unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it. When on a diet, many rules must be obeyed. For example, should not consume certain foods or beverages. In addition, there is usually also a duty to discipline maintain the pattern of everyday life. In fact not all diets annoying. Check out the information on various drinks for diet:

Honey and lemon

In addition, to strengthen the immune system, it is also efficacious to lose weight you know! Not many knows of the sweet liquid produced by these bees contain carbohydrates! Yup, 1 spoon of honey turned out to contain 17 grams of carbohydrates. While lemon or lemon has a property to smooth digestion. If the digestion runs smoothly, then the process of burning fat will not be disturbed. The content of vitamins in lime also serves as an antioxidant that can cleanse the digestive tract.

Honey and cinnamon

In addition to time, you can also combine fresh honey with cinnamon. The natural sweetness of honey is very safe so it does not affect the rise in blood sugar. In addition, the glycemic index in honey is fairly low. While cinnamon is one of the spices that can increase insulin levels the occurrence of fat transforms. Cinnamon also slows down the time it takes for food to reach the gut so that we can feel full longer.

Green tea

The green is not just a regular warming drink. Substances contained in this tea has been shown to increase the fat burning process that helps to lose weight. By regularly consuming green tea at least 3x a day, your weight will slowly continue to shrink. The most significant change is in the fat pile in your stomach.


 Ginger for this is only known as a body heating drink only. However, who would have thought that the content in it was able to lose weight effectively? Drinking ginger water was able to stabilize levels of fat, cholesterol and blood sugar. Stable the three elements can actually reduce hunger in the stomach you know.

Pineapple juice

It’s a loss if you go on a diet but do not try to consume a delicious and fresh pineapple juice. Pineapple fruit has a very high fiber content so it can make us feel full longer and our appetites become more controlled.

Apple juice

Apple is a fruit that is famous for nutritious weight loss. Not without reason, apples have a very high fiber content so that it can facilitate digestion in the body so that fat will not accumulate in the stomach.

This drink will certainly make the diet program that you run so more fun and fun. Routine drinking the beverage on top so that the effort to lose weight becomes more useful. Hopefully, these reviews can help you determine the right drink diet that suits you best. Good luck