To NuLegacy Or Not to NuLegacy

To NuLegacy Or Not to NuLegacy

NuLegacy is a referral based marketing program that promotes a rx card that will allow anyone to buy medicine at heavily discounted prices at 56,000 pharmacies around the US. As a potential business owner you have the opportunity to cash in, the pharmaceutical industry is at this moment standing at $200 billion and growing.

The Product

The product is the Rx card, this card allows people to buy discount pharmaceuticals at over 56,000 participating pharmacies.

The pharmaceutical industry is massive and a product like this has massive demand due people buying drugs at pharmacies a lot.

It’s easy to see the potential because this product solves a problem, namely the price problem of many expensive over the counter or prescription drugs.

What You Get

As a NuLegacy member you’ll have to pay $39 a month for a replicated website and a back office to track things like member sales and such.

It’s all standard fare as to what the company will give you inregards to marketing tools and marketing materials.

The Pay Plan

The NuLegacy pay plan could be very lucrative. As a member promoting the NuLegacy Rx card you have the ability to earn $.50 in commissions on every purchase made through that card.

I’m sure you see the potential here for yourself especially if you refer the NuLegacy Rx card to people who visit pharmacies on a regular basis.

People with diabetes for instance will snap something like that up like lions feeding on a gazelle.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

Hey I don’t know enough people to give this card out to, I don’t know enough people that go to pharmacies too often.

Good. Neither do I

NuLegacy is shaped like any other traditional mlm/network marketing opportunity. Want to make a full time living? try recruiting 10,000 people.

What You Need

What you need is a proper attraction marketing system that helps to brand you, people like to know who they’re buying from or who they’re going onto business with.

Using a replicated website could result in something like this.

Hey I want to look for NuLegacy, I’ve found dear this looks like the last 5 I’ve seen.

I’m sure you get the picture. People will respond to people better than your product.

But Anam my product practically sells itself. If your product could be sold with direct marketing techniques your company wouldn’t need you.

The Solution

Attraction marketing using the power of the internet. To really stand out with NuLegacy you need a marketing system that brands you and positions you as a leader, that generates leads for you and helps you monetize those leads because it’s also a fact that 95% of people won’t buy into your primary opportunity.

There is serious potential with this business but you must first market and connect with like minded individuals, individuals that believe and trust in you.

When you do any business right you won’t have to ask people to join you they’ll ask you.