Where Do Good and Honest Carpet Care Professionals Come From?

Where Do Good and Honest Carpet Care Professionals Come From?

I have been in the consumer end of the fabric care industry for over 35 years. Having been in this industry for so long, I have learned how important it is for consumers to have the information they need BEFORE they make their fabric or leather choice for that expensive new upholstered furniture. At the age of 15, I worked for my father who owned a drive-in dry cleaning plant and store. At that early age, I learned how important customers needs were. My father started in the fabric care business as a spotter and was quickly recognized as one of the finest spotters in the dry cleaning industry. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to learn highly specialized spotting skills from the best.

I also had the benefit of attending classes at the National Institute of Dry Cleaning in Silver Springs Maryland where I had my fine fabric care spotting skills finely tuned. I was taking spots out of silk dresses before I knew what upholstery cleaning was all about. It was these experiences that allow me to handle some of the finest and most delicate fabrics on the market today. This degree of education is not available to the furniture cleaners of today. A lot of this same fiber information is relevant to carpet selection and care. You are always learning as I have for so many years.

In the fabric care industry of today, many fine courses are available for those technicians who are true to their craft and want to learn how to properly care for all types of fabric and leather. I have also taken and successfully completed many courses approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification of Vancouver Washington. This association sets the rigorous standards of proper fabric care that the consumer should demand. When looking for a carpet or upholstery cleaning company, always be sure that they have been certified by this organization.

Having all this great training is very important. Putting all this knowledge to work on every carpet, drapery or upholstered furniture I clean is part of what has made my company so successful all these years. Being able to help customers to clean and restore such a wide variety of carpet and furniture in your homes always gives great satisfaction and pleasure. All of the above is why my customers know I will always tell the truth on how well something will clean. People appreciate honesty and so do I!

Well there is my story. At age 64 I am still actively serving my customers with the same satisfaction I have had my whole life. I hope you will be as lucky.