Will Car Insurance Pay For a Cracked Windshield?

There is nothing quite as frustrating as heading out to go to work in the morning only to discover that your windshield has developed a crack. Over time, that crack will spread and spiderweb, making it difficult to see when driving your car, not to mention illegal to drive it in many cases. The question is, though, will your car insurance pay to replace your cracked windshield?

You’ll Probably Need a Comprehensive Policy

If you want to call someone for mobile auto glass repair St. Louis, your insurance provider will likely require you to have a comprehensive policy, especially if you don’t know what caused the crack in the first place. Comprehensive insurance covers a variety of situations that lead to cracked windshields, such as falling tree branches, road debris, hail, and even vandalism.

You May Need To Meet a Deductible

Sometimes, a comprehensive insurance policy will have a deductible that you have to pay before you can receive any compensation. However, your insurance provider may offer an exemption for glass damage, even if you otherwise have a standard deductible. It’s important to know what your policy covers, though. Some have no exemption at all while others offer exemption for side windows but not windshields. Ask your provider what you can expect.

You’ll Need To File a Claim

The potential downside to using your insurance is that you’ll need to file a claim. While there are typically not as many downsides as filing a claim after an at-fault accident, you may still find that your premium goes up slightly. Overall, though, the biggest financial concern is the deductible. It’s a good idea to get an estimate for the repair first to determine if you should pay out of pocket or file the claim and pay the deductible.

Whether you decide to pay for your new windshield yourself or to file a claim with your insurance agency, you’ll want to work with a reputable glass provider. Look for a licensed, insured glass repair expert. Many even offer same-day service!