3 Types of Non-Traditional Jobs

Are you looking for a non-traditional working opportunity? Here are three modern types of employment that may interest you.

Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs, or temp jobs, are jobs that are usually held for several days to several months. There are temp agencies that can help you find temporary work, or you can find temp jobs on your own. Searching the internet for Boston temp jobs, or any location in which you’d like to work, can provide a long list of temporary job opportunities. Benefits of a temporary job are that it can be a way to test an industry while also giving you a way to pay your bills until you can find a more permanent job.

Remote Jobs

Many individuals in the workforce desire to break away from the traditional 9-to-5 job market by taking on remote work. Remote jobs are jobs that can be performed from any location and can include anything from performing home health nurse assessments to running a digital ad agency and anything in between. One benefit of remote work is that it can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and a computer.

Service-Based Jobs

A service-based job is a job where you are paid to provide a service to someone. There are a lot of options for service-based jobs. You can work for yourself as a dog walker, photographer, graphic designer or house cleaner. You can also work for a company that provides services for others, such as employment in the food service or transportation industries. One benefit of a service-based job is that you can choose to be your own boss, or you can work for someone else. Additionally, if you work in a service-based job, you often get to see firsthand the positive effect your work has on other people.