Employment in the Auto Industry – Detailing Jobs

Employment in the Auto Industry – Detailing Jobs

Despite the hardships some dealerships and auto industry titans may be experiencing, employment in the automobile industry as detailers and car washers are still hopping.

Often viewed as a necessary evil by many dealerships, the wash and detail are has become a source of profit and improved CSI (Customer Service Index) by many. This has opened up new opportunities for employment for those with the skills, determination and disciplined to become good and fast.

Auto detailing and car wash jobs have traditionally been lower paying and minimal in career opportunities. The largest perceived demand for these positions have either been with the solo-practitioner or entrepreneur or as part of team at the local car wash. This left many with little forward or upperward career movement and dead-end jobs.

With the increasing popularity of dealerships outsourcing their detailing departments, employment, job diversity and career opportunities have broadened and grown. More specifically, there are companies that specialize in “taking over” the prep, make ready, detailing and wash services of dealerships. This allows the dealership to focus on their core strengths – selling and servicing new, pre-owned and used cars.

The result is that outsourcing companies that provide and staff these services now have a need for detailers and technicians who are trained or can be trained in the art of detailing – namely – buffing, polishing, PDR (paintless dent repair), interior repair, odor removal, headlight restoration, and a host of other reconditioning (Recon) services.

The employment opportunities don’t stop there. As these companies become larger, they require the need of trainers, area operations management, sale people, marketing managers, regional management, accounting and finance and even IT – as many of these firms begin adopting technology for managing their businesses.

If you are looking for employment in the auto detailing field, joining a large growing firm may be your best step for training, advancement and career success.