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Provide Your Elderly with Assisted Good Living Facilities

Some people who are do not feel comfortable putting their elderly in a nursing home would be better to learn about an alternative which is the assisted living facilities. There seem to be a dislike by some people about sending their elderly who are still capable of taking care of themselves to a nursing home, because they do not like the idea of having another person to feed, or clothe or clean them up.

The nice thing about assisted living facilities is that the residents can continue their independence as physically as possible. This is the type of home that is befitting for an aging love one who can still manage to move around without any nurse or doctor supervision. The only assistance the elderly would need are day to day chores like cleaning, cooking and others.

The different people who reside in these homes are those who do not require constant monitoring and do not have medical needs. Aging people who are staying in this type of home are mentally and physically strong and only have some minor concerns.
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We can differentiate briefly some factors that distinguish assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The flexibility of the location is one difference between assisted living homes from nursing homes, and that is you can use an apartment or a large house for assisted living homes.
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Although there are differences in protocol between these facilities, the patients in both are served three meals per day and staff members of the facility can regularly visit them. Some patients would required just two visits per day or a 24 hours surveillance, and so staff will attend to the patients at varying number of hours.

If need to, like in difficulty of taking a bath or dressing up, then the elderly will be given a regular supervision from the staff. The monitoring of the patient will be less if he or she will only need help in cooking, or in doing the laundry and so on.

Since living assisted facilities is not a medical facilities, you cannot find a doctor or nurse in their staff. Doctors are called only when there are cases of emergencies. Staff members are strictly therefore not authorized to perform any medical procedures, and they can only help in performing simple tasks for the patients and in socializing with the residents.

In order to keep residents mentally and physically active, staff members at assisted living facilities are tasked to create health and exercise programs and social or educational activities. A very good assisted living facility has recreation rooms, exercise rooms, chapel and libraries. In this type of facility, your elderly could be going on field trips outside the home.