Is Your New Hire Actually Qualified? Here’s How You Can Know for Sure

It’s all there on the resume: a Master’s degree, 5-7 years of experience and proficiency in all the relevant software. But how do you know they are telling the truth? It has never been easier to create false documents related to job skills or education. In fact, research shows that in a pool of 100 potential hires, more than 30 of them will probably lie about their education. So how can you tell if your new hire is as qualified as they say?

Eyes on the Interview

Asking the right questions in an interview can make an unqualified candidate squirm and a qualified one shine. To save time and money later, hone your interview questions and make them as specific to the job requirements as possible. In certain cases, providing your candidate with a small test may be appropriate, whether that involves an editing test for publication jobs or software tests for web development positions. No matter the means, making sure you have a thorough sense of your new hire’s experience and knowledge will save you from having to restart the hiring process later on.

Straight to the Source

To confirm an applicant’s education, it is legal and fair to ask for copies of their diploma or to see their academic transcripts. But if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, hiring a company that performs verification services is an affordable alternative. Often, these companies provide similar services in different areas, like background checks and license verification.

Lasting Impact

Studies suggest that qualified employees promote growth, productivity and innovative thinking in their companies. An upfront investment during the hiring process could pay dividends for your team later on. Don’t put your time and effort into selecting a new employee just to find you have to go through it all again. It’s worth it to make sure you know exactly who you’re hiring.