Security Guard Industry Offers Great Opportunities For Boomers

Security Guard Industry Offers Great Opportunities For Boomers

The job market is extremely competitive today and jobs are hard to come by; especially if you are older. However, there is a great opportunity that exists for boomers in the Security Guard Industry because there is a huge demand for dependable workers even if you are older.

Think about it! You see them everywhere; they are at shopping malls, banks, government buildings and offices. The Security Guard business is growing; especially in hard economic times. It seems that when times are tough some people turn to theft.

The thing is; the Security industry is not really a dangerous industry. Most of the guards you see are unarmed and are not there to enter into physical confrontations. They are on the job to show the public that there are eyes and ears present. If there is a need for the police or other emergencies the Guards have procedures that they are to follow. The main one is to call 911.

The mere presence of a Guard will deter most problems.

It is fairly easy to qualify for the positions. Most companies require that you have a license that is obtained from the state Department of Public Safety. To get your license requires you to attend a course that offers accreditation. The cost is not expensive and is a good investment if you need to get some extra income to supplement your retirement costs.

You need to check your state requirements to see what it takes to get your Security Guard card.

The thing is that not all companies require the state issued card; that is why I suggest you do some research to see what is required in your state.

Security Guard companies are looking for older dependable people that they can rely on to show up when needed.Check it out; this is an opportunity that you can qualify for.