Your Dream of Piloting a Fighter Plane Doesn’t Have to Remain a Dream

Your Dream of Piloting a Fighter Plane Doesn’t Have to Remain a Dream

As a child, your schoolteachers might have told you that you could be anything that you wanted be. If they did, you probably soon realized that, while you had the “chance” to be anything, there were some things that you were just not cut out for, such as being a professional fighter pilot. If you nourished this dream then had it dashed, you might have given up on being a fighter pilot after learning of extensive training that it required. Nevertheless, if you’re still wondering what could have been and, for that matter, still dream of flying a fighter plane, you now have the opportunity to make your dream a reality when you contact a company in the adventure flight industry.

Often referred to as the aviation adventure industry, the adventure flight industry is a collective of companies that offer the general public the opportunity to pilot fighter planes, and you don’t even need a pilot’s license to leave the runway. After receiving some brief ground training on air safety and maneuvers, you’ll zoom from the runway with an experienced military fighter pilot acting as your copilot. In the event of an emergency, the aircraft’s dual controls allow your copilot to control the aircraft, recovering normal flight and allowing you to resume your mission.

At first glance, this scenario might sounds a bit dangerous, but it’s actually very safe. The same pilot who serves as your copilot also specializes in training professional pilots in advanced air safety disciples, such as upset recovery, instrument recovery and aerobatic flight. As a reflection of the safety that you’ll experience, statistics show that you’re more likely to impact the ground during an airline flight than when flying a fighter plane with an experienced fighter pilot. With your safety assured, you can focus on experiencing the flight adventure of a lifetime.

At most flight adventure companies, flight adventures come in two styles: aerobatic adventures that resemble air shows and simulated air-to-air combat. When you participate in air-to-air combat, you’ll aim a real gun sight at enemy aircraft, firing simulated bullets to the sound of real gunfire, as well as perform classic combat maneuvers like you see in old war footage and war films. You’ll even receive an authentic tactical debriefing prior to commencing your mission.

If you’d like to take the cockpit but question whether you’re ready, it might help to know that most people who take adventure flights are not your typical “adventurer”. In fact, some companies even report that great grandmothers have taken adventure flights. In addition, couples, business groups and students on vacation regularly pursue adventure flights as a way to break from routine. If you’re on the brink of saying yes to an adventure flight but you remain unsure of your moxie; remember, in the flight adventure industry, you can indeed be the pilot that you always wanted to be.