Beauty Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know About

When it comes to skin conditions like acne the beauty industry can be greedy. They churn out tons of skincare products designed to treat acne but which don’t have very good success rates. The beauty industry makes a lot of money. And when I had acne I tried many of these expensive products only to find that they weren’t very effective…

New beauty products designed for treating acne come out all the time, there are new ones every month. These can cost a fortune to buy and try to see if “this time it might work.” Trust me it won’t. I spent a small fortune on these kinds of products with no results.

So I decided in the end that I was wasting my money with all these products and discontinued this strategy.

I began to look for another way to get rid of my acne. It had been chronic for many years and didn’t want to budge no matter what I used. So looked into what caused acne to see if there was some kind of root cause that could lead to getting rid of it. And I found it out and this is something most people with skin problems never get to find out about…

The beauty problem of acne is actually caused fundamentally by a hormonal imbalance. And at the root of this hormonal problem is food. Some specific foods cause hormonal imbalance and by avoiding just a few you’ll dramatically clear up your skin. This is the secret, and the natural, simple and fast solution to beauty problems like acne.

So this begs the question, which foods cause hormonal imbalance!?

Well I learnt that vegetable oils were the worst food for causing acne. These are consumed as cooking oils and junk food mostly. And once I avoided vegetable oil my skin changed in just days. It cleared up dramatically. The trick then is to check you’re not using a vegetable oil like sunflower oil as your cooking oil. Use butter instead.

Also, check the ingredients labels for foods you eat often and try to find the ones that contain vegetable oil in them. Once you find the ones causing the problem and eliminate them, then your skin will start to clear up.

There is much more you can learn about how to clear up your acne and blemishes, but avoiding vegetable oils is the single best thing you can do and was the best thing I did for my skin.

So in summary:

Acne is caused by hormonal imbalance

This hormonal imbalance is caused primarily by certain food

The worst hormonally imbalancing food there is, is vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is consumed as a cooking oil, such as sunflower oil

Use butter instead of these oils to cook with

Vegetable oils are also used as an ingredient in junk foods and other foods

Check the foods you eat on a regular basis to see if any of them contain vegetable oil and take them out of your diet

Once you stop eating vegetable oil you’ll see a major improvement in your skin, if not a complete clear up of acne