How the Recession Affected the Hotel Industry

How the Recession Affected the Hotel Industry

What is a recession? A recession is when the economic activity falls and the gross domestic product decreases for two consecutive quarters. Who was affected by a recession? The recession has affected most business from all over the world including the hotel industry. The less affected hotels were those in global markets and those that give out their services to leisure travelers. Leisure travelers continued traveling every year even during the recession.

As we mentioned above, the least affected hotels were those that cater to leisure travelers. On the other hand, business travelers changed their perspective on the amount of money to spend and the amount of trips to make. Some businesses are canceling meetings which are usually held in another country and are instead made using technology, like video conferencing. Video conferencing is quite cheap considering the expenses usually incurred when traveling which include flight, accommodation, food etc.

The most hotel businesses that had to change their traveling plans were those from the United States and from United Kingdom. Europe seems to have been less affected by a recession. Travelers continued traveling normally during this period and only saw a slightly less amount of traveling bookings made

How to survive a recession?

– Write a business plan and project how you are going to market and plan business expenditure correctly during the recession.

– Implement aggressive marketing. Make travelers think that they need to travel. Do your market strategy correctly and you will see good results.

– Cut out any unnecessary costs and invest in good expenditure.

– You may opt to rent equipment if you need to purchase new ones, it will be cheaper.

– Make on-line research, and surveys to check out and consider your competition. What do you need to do to win over them and keep clientele happy and maybe generate new businesses?

– Keep your current customers happy. Customer retention is very important since it will generate new business in the future. Previous customers will return back and will also spread the word about your hotel.

– Know your strengths and build on them.

Be smart in your business, carefully inspect every aspect of the running of the hotel and you will survive a recession.…

Fashion Design and Merchandising Programs

Fashion Design and Merchandising Programs

Fashion design and merchandising programs help prepare students for some of the most exciting careers in the fashion industry. There are many different diploma, certificate and degree programs in the fashion field and not all of them are related to designing clothes for the runways, as some might assume. There are also education and training programs related to the merchandising, marketing and business side of the fashion industry. Fashion merchandisers, also known as buyers, have an important role in the industry, ensuring that retailers ranging from small boutiques to massive department stores have the latest fashions in stock. It’s an excellent career for fashion lovers who also have good interpersonal skills and a knack for the business side of things.

The Value of Education

If you really want to get ahead in the field of fashion design and merchandising, a bachelor’s degree will probably be your best bet. Diploma and certificate programs will only qualify you for the lowest entry level jobs in the field, and many employers are also looking for more than an associate’s degree these days. You may, however, be able to complete your associate’s degree at an affordable community college or an online university and transfer into a four-year school that offers an accredited fashion merchandising program. If you have a specific job or employer in mind, it might be wise to see what level of education most of the people have in that position or with that company and where they went to school.

The Cities of Fashion

There are many fashion merchandising programs to choose from, and not all of them are in the bustling metropolis of New York City, as some might imagine. Some of the most prestigious fashion design, marketing and merchandising programs in the U.S. are at schools in California, particularly in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Programs in cities like Miami, Chicago, Houston and Seattle also carry quite a bit of prestige, and you may find some very formidable programs in smaller cities as well. The curriculum of these programs vary quite a bit, but they all include some basic fashion design courses as well as courses in business, marketing, merchandising, accounting and other subject areas.

Salaries for fashion merchandisers also vary anywhere from $25,000 per year to upwards of $70,000 depending on various factors, including education and training. The more effort you put into your degree program, the more successful your career will be.…

How to Prospect For New Real Estate Leads

How to Prospect For New Real Estate Leads

As a real estate agent, one of the most important things that you need to do is to make sure that you are going to have a list of new prospects on a regular basis. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to get more prospects for your real estate property, but a lot of people are not aware of these things. In this article, we will be discussing some of the things that will help you get better results without spending a lot of time.

The best thing that you can do is to look for your core clients and make sure that they are going to receive the best service possible. If you are going to give them more than what they are expecting, they would be willing to promote your service and share it to other people. This will help you build your reputation and will ensure that you will be able to establish yourself as one of the best in your area. This is something that a lot of agents are missing, and is the reason why they are not making a lot of money as a real estate agent or a realtor.

Another thing that you can do in order to get more leads or prospects for your properties is to offer newsletters to other people. Try to give them tips and advices when it comes to investing in real estate, and this will help you build rapport with your subscribers. Aside from this, you will also be able to get better prospects, since they are already aware of the things that should be considered when investing in the industry. This will make your marketing campaign easier, and will ensure that all your clients have the knowledge that is required to succeed in the real estate industry.

The last thing that you can do is to market yourself using the Internet. If people who belong in your warm market can be reached with the help of great service and word-of-mouth marketing, the Internet will allow you to reach a wider range of audience. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are going to provide them with all the information that other people need, because this will help you build your reputation, and will establish yourself as one of the experts of the industry.…

Inspiration Behind the Music

Inspiration Behind the Music

Not everyone in the music industry is looking for fame and fortune. There are thousands of people behind the scenes the public doesn’t see that make the whole industry work. That’s not to say that those people aren’t talented. Stage musicians, or the celebrities we recognize, are only a portion of the talent found in the music industry. These people are on the stage not just because they are talented musicians, but also because they are talented entertainers. To be successful on the stage, they have to be confident in front of people, and able to put forth the energy and liveliness that fans crave in a live show. Some of the people behind the scenes showcase just as much talent, just in a very different setting. There are many cases where those behind the scenes people and those stage people are completely dependent on each other.

Some stage artists write and perform their own music. Whether it’s because they don’t have time, or because songwriting is not their forte, other stage artists need the help of a songwriter. Songwriters write music for a number of applications and genres. Lyricists are songwriters that only write lyrics. Composers are songwriters that only write music. In the music industry, lyricists, composers, and traditional songwriters provide a large portion of the music we hear from popular artists. Songwriters have to have a talent for rhythm and sound, as well as a good idea of what is popular in the industry. They have a good understanding of the emotions that music can invoke, and the creativity to express the appropriate emotions in a way that is appealing. Stage artists and recording artists use songwriters to help expand their musical variety, and to give themselves more time to focus on their stage shows. Songwriters do a lot more than just write for major artists, though. All of the music we hear on commercials is written by some form of songwriter. Songwriters create jingles for all manner of advertisement. Many music producers are also songwriters. When they have a band in the studio that needs more songs, they write songs that will suit the band.

Songwriting is a financially rewarding profession. Songwriters can get paid for their work in a couple of different ways. When an artist chooses to record or perform one of their songs, or a company uses their jingle in a commercial, songwriters get a fee for the rights. Additionally, songwriters are paid royalties for a percentage of the income from their music. In the U.S., anyone wanting to use music written by someone else is required to have permission from the owner of the rights to the music.

Songwriters bring art and emotion into our daily lives in a number of ways. They bring us their heart and soul with every song they write. Their talent and creativity provides entertainment for millions of people. Even though the performing artist usually gets the credit, songwriters are the driving force …

Private Industry in Water Business

Private Industry in Water Business

Much of the debate on drinking water will increasingly be around what the proper public and exclusive roles for policy formulation are. Broadly speaking, the resource management decisions are public, whereas service delivery could be either private or open public below regulation.

Nevertheless, there is a lot gray area in between. Exclusive business has traits that can be harnessed to help ameliorate the world drinking water crisis: its achieve transcends national boundaries, its means are generally greater than individuals of public institutions, and its strategic preparing is generally superb.

Historically, exclusive businesses, for example Bechtel and Lyonnaise des Eaux, have been included largely in largescale development projects, whereas the smaller-scale projects are already left to improvement assistance agencies.

Recently, a shift in considering has taken location in some corporate boardrooms. Financial institution of America, for instance, was not involved in the California-wide process of water preparing till recently, when its president observed that practically all with the bank’s investments relied on a safe, stable supply of water.

This was true whether the investments had been in microchip manufacturing, mortgages, or agriculture. When the financial institution became involved within the “Cal-Fed Strategy,” it brought along its lawyers, facilitators, preparing expertise, and monetary resources.

Subsequently progress was created in a number of areas where previously there had,been impasse. Violia has signed 50-year contracts with Shanghai for service deliveries. Increased exclusive sector roles in service delivery imply new and different roles for public sector expertise in drinking water – primarily in regulation.

Nevertheless, none of these possibilities negates the need for an increased part with the open public sector in choice tradeoffs on how the whole eans ought to be used. A single consequence is that new forms of private−public partnerships are most likely to emerge and, with this, increased require for abilities of conflict management and resolution will also grow.…

Internet Marketing Is Not Simple – Don’t Believe The Hype From Gurus

Internet Marketing Is Not Simple – Don’t Believe The Hype From Gurus

One of the things that’s really frustrating about the gurus in the Internet Marketing industry is how they paint the picture that Internet Marketing is so easy. They call it ‘push-button’ simple, like hitting the red Staples button that screams ‘That Was Easy’ is all you need to do to make millions of dollars. They make you believe that you can start off with no money and no experience, and in 30 days or less you’ll be making a 6-figure income while relaxing on the beach in Maui. They make you believe that this one, new traffic method will be the answer to all of your problems, and give you traffic and money for the rest of your life.

Well, don’t believe the hype!

Making money and having success in Internet Marketing takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, period! If you’re not prepared to work your butt off and make sacrifices, don’t even start. If you’re not ready to be challenged on a daily basis and do things time after time that may seem boring, just move on to something else. If you’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish things you’ve only dreamed of, Internet Marketing may not be for you.

This is what you must do to be successful in Internet Marketing. You must get up earlier and stay up later than you’re used to working on your business. You must turn off the ‘idiot tube’ (TV) during producing hours. You must be efficient by planning and managing your time and goals wisely. It’s imperative you avoid distractions during producing time by closing down your email program and turning off your cell phone. If you have a full time job, you should easily spend 4 hours per day working on your business. If you work online full time, you should spend a minimum 8 hours per day on your business.

Bottom line is you have to have a burning desire to succeed. You have to be committed to your dreams and your goals to get you through the ‘peaks and valleys’ of entrepreneurship and business ownership inside of Internet Marketing. There will be times where you’ll wonder if what you’re doing is actually working… and if it’s worth it. The answer is always a resounding yes! There will be times where you will have doubts and you will struggle. Embrace it. It’s part of the journey! There will be many times where you will hit roadblocks. Don’t stop. Go through them, around them, under them, etc.

Listen, if you truly want to achieve the money and lifestyle you dream of, it comes with a price. The few that reach the pinnacle of Internet Marketing have paid the price, and they all say the price was worth it. So when you read another sales letter or see another sales video promising you the world for literally doing nothing, don’t believe the …

Making an Investment That Matters – Reasons to Sell Your Car Online on Used Car Sites

Selling a car online is now possible through various websites. These sites allow you to connect with private sellers who can offer a better price for your vehicle. A good car-buying website should have a comprehensive search function to help shoppers identify vehicles that meet their criteria. It should also provide information on the local market.

Sell your car for cash

Selling your used car for cash is an easy way to get rid of your old vehicle. Many sites allow you to sell car online for a competitive price. To maximize your resale value, take clear photos and list all the essential information about the car. You can also add optional features to make it more appealing to buyers. Selling your vehicle privately rather than trading it in at a dealership is a good idea. You will be able to save money on interest payments and extended warranties. It is also essential to check with your lender about your loan status before selling your car.

Sell your car for free

Whether you’re looking for the best value or the quickest sale, there are plenty of online car-selling options. Many of these sites offer free listings and charge a small fee when you make a sale. This can be an excellent option for cars less likely to sell quickly, like older models or those with high mileage. Some offer various listing packages, including free advertising and a money-back guarantee. Some sites include a vehicle history report for buyers, which can help increase the resale value of your car. It’s important to remember that price appreciation is only sometimes a sure thing; demand and supply issues can affect pricing.

Sell your car for part-exchange

Selling your car for part-exchange or trade-in is an excellent option if you want to reduce the money you pay upfront or on finance when buying a new vehicle. But there are a few things to remember before selling your car this way. For starters, it’s essential to understand how much your current car is worth. This can be done by using an online car valuation tool or researching the prices of similar cars on the market. Once you know what your car is worth, you can start to find buyers. But remember that a dealership will only offer you the price they think your car is worth in exchange for a new one, so be prepared to haggle. Also, if your car has an outstanding finance balance, you must pay this off if you choose to part-exchange it with a dealer. Otherwise, your vehicle will be resold or sent to auction.

Sell your car for trade-in

Cars are expensive, and selling one can be a hassle. However, some sites make the process easy and painless. These sites offer various options for sellers and buyers, including a trade-in option. The site also allows you to upload explicit photos of the vehicle, which is a great way to show off its condition and attract more buyers. Some …

Real Estate Franchises – Which System Suits Your Needs Best?

Real Estate Franchises – Which System Suits Your Needs Best?

Many independent brokers have affiliated with any one of the several franchise offerings available today. The reasons for affiliating are many but the main reason an independent business owner would join a franchise is to attain Greater Name Recognition. This is true for franchising in any industry, let alone real estate. Why is the Subway sandwich franchise a success? If you want to open a sandwich shop, do you need a franchise to instruct you how to make a turkey hero? I don’t think so. When you buy a Subway franchise, you are buying rights to a trademarked name and you are paying a franchise fee and a royalty to own these rights. In return, everyone is familiar with that brand name and knows what to expect when you visit the franchise store.

In real estate franchising, independent brokers are getting that greater market power by affiliating with a franchise. But this is a service-oriented business and it is actually the management of the independent office that is responsible for the success of the business. Unlike retail franchises that offer a standardized product which is packaged specifically for that business, a real estate offices’ success is a function of the quality of its management and sales organization. There are many top offices in any area that are independent.

Many of today’s traditional franchise systems require very high start-up costs including initial franchise fees generally ranging from $10,000. to $25,000. or more and total start-up costs requiring up to $200,000, depending on the franchise. Expect to pay a 8% royalty on average on top of that for each sales closing with many traditional systems requiring minimum monthly fees and or transaction fees just for being a member.

Traditional franchise systems will audit their franchise members to assure that all these fees are paid. NO FRANCHISE SYSTEM WILL GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF ANY FRANCHISE MEMBER.

There are some new, non-traditional, innovative franchises that could be rising stars. As the real estate industry matures, so is the real estate agent. Today, the average age of a broker/agent is in his or her fifties and most are very experienced and do not need beginner training. It is because of this changing face of the industry that the new systems are being developed which offer “no-frills” approaches at much less cost.

As the age of the internet continues to grow, it will remain as the top research tool for consumers of any product or service. For the Real Estate office owner, securing a protected trademark in is almost impossible with the thousands of business names being rejected due to similarity with other, existing names. Unless the business owner has a budget of millions of dollars and can coin a “made-up” name, such as “Google” or “Yahoo” a low-cost real estate franchise could be your answer.…

New Career Opportunities in the Pet Industry

New Career Opportunities in the Pet Industry

New Career Opportunity – Learn the Benefits of Becoming a Pet Groomer

Looking for a career that is prospering in this depressed economy? Want to know the benefits of becoming a pet groomer?

If you love working with animals and don’t have eight years to attend veterinary school, you might consider becoming a pet groomer. The animal service industry is expected to grow by twenty one percent in the next ten years, according to the US Dept of Labor. See in the author’s box.

Here are a few of the reasons why grooming is fun and rewarding:

* The pet grooming industry is growing and expected to continue to grow in this slow economy* The training time and cost to become a certified pet groomer is very low, taking months rather than years to complete* You don’t have to have a college education or even a GED to be a successful groomer* Working with animals fills your days with infinite emotional happiness and reward* You get to bring your own animal children to work with you* You get to set your own schedule* You can work as little or as much as you want to* You don’t have to get dressed up for work* You get to stay physically active at work, this is not a desk job* Every day there is different work to do. This is not a factory job* The cost for your tools is very low to buy and maintain (typically included with your school training)* You get tips at work every day* Each day is immediate gratification when the dog owners are happy and pay you with smiles and tips* You get to express your creativity through grooming* You can make $18,000 to $75,000 annually

If you are looking for a great new career in the animal industry, you should give pet grooming serious consideration. The reward of working with cats and dogs every day is beyond words. Transforming a pound mutt into a handsome and desirable house pet is an incredible feeling. It’s great to wake up in the morning happy to go to work and to have the genuine appreciation from those that you work for. How many people are able to have their own pets with them while they make a living? Setting your own schedule and your own pace is one of the benefits of a grooming career. In as little as three months, you can become a certified pet groomer, earning a nice living, sending home freshly groomed dogs to owners that are full of gratitude. Not to mention that the tips you earn are a great bonus.

Pet grooming as a career gets very high ratings. It’s a stable career in any economy. The cost to get into the industry and stay in the industry is low. The tips are great, the pay is great, and the perks are great. Mobile groomers and boutique groomers alike, all say the same thing about …

Promotional Giveaways For Hospitality Industries

Promotional Giveaways For Hospitality Industries

In the highly competitive world of the hospitality industry, first impressions count and a lasting impression is vital. Promotional giveaways are an effective way to achieve this by enhancing the user experience in a tactile and memorable way.

For hoteliers, personalised giveaways can significantly add to the aura of luxury and prestige. For example, toiletries and a toothbrush set in a hotel bathroom add a touch of generosity, and give the perception of value for money. Equally, providing a sewing kit or bottled water in a bedroom is a practical way to enhance customer experience, and one that is bound to be appreciated due to the usefulness of the product. Most visitors to a hotel also make use of complimentary pens and paper so offering these within hotel rooms fulfils a certain level of expectation and convenience. All such touches not only mean a great experience for customers, they are also likely to generate repeat visits.

Within the restaurant world, printed sweets and mints are ideal as a giveaway, especially as they are often taken away for extended branding. Child-friendly establishments might prefer to offer printed lollies (as a reward for a clean plate); or alternatively a branded cuddly toy, as a healthier option.

For a budget friendly giveaway, printed balloons make a visual and fun brand reminder, and one that is likely to remain with the recipient for a positive long term association.

Leisure attractions such as theme parks and zoos have vast opportunities for branding, from paid souvenirs to giveaway items such as disposable ponchos. Branded ponchos, in particular, are an increasingly popular product and are often handed out as a goodwill gesture to crowds queuing in the rain, or for a small charge once on site. In heavy downpours, these are one of the most highly appreciated giveaways and even though they are disposable, they are often retained and worn subsequently, ensuring that branding will be seen far beyond the attraction itself.

For a lasting reminder of a day out or hotel stay, promotional souvenirs are effective as both an income generator and marketing tool. On-site souvenir shops can be filled with branded mugs, pens, t-shirts, and calendars, all of which provide long term advertising, and a great memory of a day out. They can even become a significant source of income, so a very effective way of marketing an attraction for limited investment.

Overall, a great experience is the aim of any hospitality industry and there is no better plan than to combine good service and good quality with a range of relevant promotional giveaways.…