Getting arrested is a scary experience for anyone, but depending on what kind of offense you committed you can bail yourself out. There’s a lot of ways you can escape jail time before your first court hearing. With each arrest, a bail amount (depending on the crime) is already set. In addition to this, your bail amount is highly determined your past crime history, and severity of the current crime. The judge has full control on the amount of bail, they can even deny your bail if they want. if you ever get a court bail bond paradise nv, here are five things you must know.

You Can Still Get Active Bail Warrant.

Did you know you could be forced to go to court? If a judge places a search warrant on you, the police can show up anywhere you are when it’s time for your court date. You can be with your kids, at work, or even in school. In order to avoid this, make sure to keep all tabs on your case, talk to your Lawyer and stay connected with the judge who’s working on your case.

There Are Three Types Of Bonds

Now there’s probably a few more bail types I forgot to mention, but here are the 6 most common types. Cash bond – you can pay the bond amount upfront and get out of jail as soon as payment is accepted. Surety bond – when the bail bond deferent agrees to pay the bond in full exchange for a small fee, if the bond amount isn’t paid on time, the co-signer can be liable. Own recognizance – when the judge allows a criminal to leave jail without posting bail. This is usually for small petty crimes.

Make Sure Your Lawyer Explains Everything To You

When speaking to your lawyer or attorney, be open with them and ask as many questions as possible. Make sure they tell you your court date, what your bail amount is, your most important dates, and what your lawyer can do if things go south.

You Can Get Bail Even On Felonies

A felony is one of the worse offenses you can catch on your record, but depending on what you did, and how bad the crime was you can actually get bail. If the crime involves a torturous murder then don’t expect to get off free, but let’s say you killed them out of self defense, you killed someone to protect someone you care about, or other similar circumstances. You shall get bail!

Not Showing Up To Your Court Date Can Cause Problems.

Not only will this delay the bail process, but the justice system can also fine you do this. There might be a compromise if you can prove to the courts you had something important come up, or you simply forgot the date. Did this article help you on your big court date? How did things go for you? Tell me in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share us with others!