New Innovations Are Bringing Cell Phones to the Forefront of Our Communication Needs

New innovations on cell phones are happening all the time. These new ideas and technological breakthroughs are of great benefit to many users as we have seen the cell phone change from a simple device that allowed us to communicate with each other by making calls to a device that can now help us not just call each other but send text messages, e-mail, take photographs, access the Internet, watch video, record video, play games and so on. But, the question must be asked do you actually use all these?

I’m sure everybody uses the camera that is built into their phones. This is such an amazing technology and makes it so convenient to take photographs of families and friends in situations where generally you may not have remembered to bring your camera. Any phone with a camera that is bigger than two megapixels can actually produce printed photographs 8 x10 that is really good quality. Although we are starting to see many camera phones come with 10 megapixel and 12 megapixel cameras (which is fantastic of course) you can still produce quality photographs from a phone with a two-megapixel camera or above.

One of the truly amazing features that has now arrived is geo-tagging, this allows you to put in the exact geographical location when taking photographs. Basically this allows you to put in a variety of location specific information into the tag of each photograph this can hold information like latitude and longitude coronations. One example of this you may see is on Google Earth, which allows people to show media relevant to any given location.

We also see the use of videophones quite readily on news broadcasts. This is another innovation that is probably now taken for granted in the cell phone industry. We are also starting to see more social networking applications appear on their cellular phones. Things like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are all starting to find a place for mobile users who want to stay in touch using this media. Content is also massive as we are starting to see in some countries television now available on your phone and of course Internet access easier to use with higher speed is arriving on time. The future of this industry is just difficult to comprehend because believe it or not we are still at the beginning in the very early stages of the development of the cell phone industry.