The Growing Drive for Craft Beer Only Pubs

Craft beer has become an enormous part of our national identity. Brands like Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Fat Tire and Dogfish Head have become icons by which many beer lovers identify themselves. However, this segment of beer industry is changing the fabric of society in other ways, as well. One of the most interesting (and enjoyable!) ways this is happening is with the explosion of craft beer only pubs and beer bars springing into existence all around the nation. While these locations are nothing new for cities like Boston, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco, they are newcomers to other areas.

For instance, The Ale and The Witch is a craft beer only pub that recently opened up in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida within the “golden triangle” formed by Beach Drive, Jannus and Baywalk. This interesting pub has no name on its sign, but rather features the very prominent image of a witch astride her broomstick, holding a frothy mug aloft (hence the name). The Ale and The Witch is a very different sort of pub for Saint Petersburg, as well. Visitors will find catered food (there’s none made onsite yet). They’ll also find only American micros here.

However, The Witch and The Ale does not have any set lineup of beers. In fact, when one keg is drained, it’s moved out and another (of a different variety) takes its place. That means that patrons of the pub can expect to enjoy an incredible diversity of ever-changing beers. The drive here is to provide patrons with the chance to explore the world of American micros as much as possible. There is, after all, an immense richness to the industry, and most people would never be able to sample many of the brews that the pub’s owner brings in.

The Ale and The Witch is not the only pub going this route, or taking a slightly different approach. Increasingly, it seems that almost every urban or suburban area has that “special” pub that serves up nothing but American craft beers. You won’t find a bottle of Bud or Coors here – you will, however, find some of the most innovative, flavorful, delightful brews concocted by the amazing minds within this industry. What options do you have available? What’s your favorite beer watering hole? Chances are good that you have at least one within easy reach – go explore and enjoy yourself!

Poto Cervesia,

Dustin Canestorp