Beginners Guide to Mutual Funds

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Jun 21st, 2017
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If you are planning to invest in mutual funds, you need to get your basics clear. Mutual funds are completely different from bank saving schemes, stock investment, etc. Before you dive into the mutual fund industry, you should read this beginner’s guide to mutual funds.

For a long term investment, a mutual fund is a reliable platform. Your portfolio includes diversified assets. You need to pay a fee before operating your account. There are different types of mutual funds like equity funds, debt funds, balanced mutual funds, and so on. Are you confused? If yes, read on to clarify your doubts regarding mutual funds.

What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund is an investment company that handles the investments made by the people in the firm. It collects the money from the interested investors and invests the money in money market instruments such as stocks, shares, government equities, market commodities, etc.

Mutual Funds are beneficial for the investors who do not have optimum knowledge about the money market. The investors do not know about the companies, different types of instruments, the right time to invest, and so on. Hence, mutual funds seem to be a viable option. The mutual fund will invest your money in different companies and hence, you will have a diversified portfolio with investment in different money market instruments. People also prefer investing in Systematic Investment Plans, as it helps them save regularly in small portions. There are several other benefits of SIPs that you can learn about, once you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of mutual funds. The fund manager at the mutual fund will manage your investment and will make sure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Types of Mutual Funds

  • Equity Mutual Fund – The money is invested in the stock markets. The return on the investment is dependent on the market performance of the company. Equity mutual funds are preferable for long-term investments.
  • Debt Mutual Funds – These money instruments offer a fixed return on your investment. Hence, the risk associated with these investments is comparatively less. But, the return is also less. Government bonds and other fixed income investments come under the Debt Mutual Funds.
  • Balanced Mutual Funds – As suggested by the name, your investment will be divided into debt and equity instruments. The analysis and decision are based on the parameter of maximized returns on your investment.
  • Open Ended Funds – In this mutual fund, you can enter any time and exit anytime. There are no restrictions, or any lock-in period, for your investment.
  • Closed Ended Funds – There is a minimum lock-in period associated with closed ended funds. You cannot withdraw the amount before stipulated time period.

Asset Management Company and Fund Managers

Asset Management Company, or AMC, is the firm that launches the Mutual Fund. The investors can invest their money in the mutual fund operated by the AMC. These mutual funds are regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). SEBI ensures that the investor’s money is safe and there are no frauds in the mutual funds.

For handling these investments, you need a professional who has a sound knowledge of the mutual fund industry. This professional is known as the Fund Manager. The Fund Manager will manage all the money invested in the mutual funds. Their experience and instincts are crucial to maximize return on the investments.

Portfolio and Net Asset Value (NAV)

The investments made in a mutual fund are categorized in a portfolio. The portfolio will include details about all the money market instruments in your possession.

In mutual funds, you purchase a certain number of units for a particular amount. This unit value is known as Net Asset Value (NAV).

Mutual Fund Charges

There is a small charge when you either enter or exit the mutual fund. Usually, it is 2% of the whole amount invested in the mutual fund. So, if you invested Rs 100, Rs 2 will be charged as the entry or exit load. The remaining Rs 98 will be invested in the mutual fund.…

How To Use Royal Pip To Trade In Currency

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May 27th, 2017
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Trading in currency is one of the easiest ways to make money, and you may do so at any time you like. There are quite a few people who may use Royal Pip to trade, and you may come to when you are ready to sign up for your account. You may use RoyalPip to save your money, and you may do quite a lot of trading once you have started on the site. You may start with this site at any time, and it will help you make trades that are highly profitable.

#1: The Trades Are Simple

RoyalPip  will help you save money when you are investing, and the site helps you build trades without any trouble. There are quite a few different trades you may make, and you may select currencies that are spread around the world. Someone who is planning to make a trade will learn how to make adjustments to their investments, and you may make trades at any time you like. Someone who is saving money on the site will build a nest egg, and they will notice that the plans made on the site as easy to follow through.

#2: The Site Has Security

There is security on the site that will help you save money. You will find that the site helps secure all your transactions, and you will use the site when you are making trades with the https prefix ahead of the URL. You must check for the secure prefix when you are looking over the site, and you may check your trades when you have spent your money on the site. The site gives you information that will help you save time and money, and you may protect your personal data.

#3: The Royal Pip Staff Offers Service

The staff at the site will help you when you contact them for assistance, and they will show you what is possible when you make trades. The trades you are making on the site are easy to complete, and you may check them when you contact the company. The company will help you learn quite a lot about your account, and you will discover quite a bit about your account when you talk to a live chat agent or have them on the phone.

#4: The Trades You Make Are A Lifetime Of Work

The lifetime of work that you do in currency trading will ensure that you are saving money many times over. There are quite a few people who will become currency traders over the years, and they may find that the currency trading business is a lovely new career for them. You may set up your account to ensure that the money you are invested is saved easily, and you will find that your account may hold all the money you have earned. You are free to withdraw your money at any time, and you will learn quite a lot about the money you are earning when you continually check your dashboard.

Everyone who trades on the site will earn money that may be used for income, and the money may become a retirement plan for your future. You will save your money with wisdom, and you will recover quite a lot of money that you may cash in at any time.…

Don’t Be Obsessed of Gambling !

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May 25th, 2017
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Gambling is not fun, and it is a serious addiction in the long run. People are addicted to gambling, and there it is no more fun, in fact, it becomes problem gambling. Following are the signs and symptoms of a gambling addict, examine yourself and then look for the measures you can take to get rid of this habit. Have a look:

➢ Daily Gambling

You’ve started gambling on a daily basis, and you have adopted this activity as an occupation. Clubs are the places where you are mostly found, and it has become a part of your daily lifestyle.

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➢ Being obsessed with gambling

You are obsessed with gambling, you think about gambling all the time, you plan the new strategies that will help you win the games, and this is how you spend your day. You don’t need a big reason to go for gambling; even the smallest reason is big for you.

➢ Always betting

You are always in the mood of betting. You throw bets on little things just to have the rush. You invest everything you have and even more than you afford to lose. Unfortunately, when you bet more, there are more chances to lose, and this is the case with the gambling addicts.

➢ Not able to stop gambling

Gambling is like alcohol, once you are addicted; it is very difficult to stop, so you gamble more and more. There are many gamblers who want to quit, but this is something difficult for them. They fail to fight their urge to play.

➢ Adaptation of other bad activities because of gambling

Gambling addicts get into many other bad and harmful activities for the sake of gambling, for example, they start to commit fraud, they steal and much more. They are not satisfied with the money they have, so they borrow more from friends and family, and eventually, they start stealing and all. This is how they fund their habit of gambling.

All these are signs of a gambling addict. Give this matter some thought!…

How To Be A Better Manager

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May 9th, 2017
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It takes many years of dedication and hard work to become a manager. For this reason, no one in a managerial role wants to do a subpar job. There are a lot of components that go into being a good manager. Not only do you have to do your job well, but you have to be someone who your team likes and respects.

There’s more that goes into being a great manager than just showing up on time and being nice to people. If you want to improve your reputation as a manager, then follow these tips on how you can do better in your career.

Be Organized

The most frustrating thing in the world for an employee is when they go to management for an answer and management is too disorganized to give them the information they need. When you’re in a position of authority, it’s essential that you are organized always have your work life in order. This means not neglecting tasks, keeping a schedule and staying on top of things, whether it’s shooting that e-mail to the outsourced sales team or just arriving to a meeting on time.

Be Considerate

Managers can often have a lot on their plates. In fact, when employees complain about managers, they’re often forgetting that the manager in question is just as stressed and overworked as they are if not more so.

One of the simplest ways for managers to be liked by their employees is by being considerate. This means always regarding your staff as individuals and not just employees. When it comes to things like scheduling or delegating tasks, you should always take your employees’ needs into consideration. The more considerate you are of your employees, the more respected you’ll be.

Be Approachable

Employees hate having to feel like talking to their manager is a nerve-wracking or intimidating ordeal. Great managers understand that being feared is not a good sign of authority and power. Instead, you want your employees to feel like they can easily come to you without fear of being yelled at or treated unfairly.

Being a great manager takes a lot of practice, dedication and effort. However, if you can successfully endear yourself to your staff, accomplishing your professional goals will be a lot easier. Managers who are liked by their staff tend to advance more and do better professionally than those who aren’t particularly popular.…

Online Sales Training Course

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May 9th, 2017
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Think of sales as an adventure. You learn enough to enter the jungle of contacts and either you flourish as learn how to pass all of the dangers or you slowly sink into a pit of quicksand. Or, perhaps you’re in the middle — you’re only thigh-deep into the quicksand because you grabbed on to a sturdy vine … or a strong snake. Regardless of your predicament, without sales, you don’t make money and neither does the business you work for, and this can mean a shift of priorities of the company … which don’t involve you.

Like many other industries, sales is a never-ending learning process. Thus, the reason why training is so important before and during your tenure as a sales representative. However, businesses aren’t prone to send their salespeople out to external classes. Not only is it expensive but it draws representatives away from the company who can help them build their customer base. This is why you may want to speak to your management on taking an online sales training course.

There is no lack of these businesses on the Internet, Organizations like IHD Insight provide comprehensive training courses that help you determine what you’re capable of, what works for you, and what you need to improve on. As usual with these types of companies, you need to do research to see if they are right for you and if your management will be willing to make the investment.

First, see what type of training they offer. Is it simply beginning sales classes or do they have training for all levels of sales? Should they offer multiple programs you need to determine if the curriculum differs enough for each course to be worth the investment. Some items to consider in sales training are steps to improve communication with potential customers, the best way to hold on to prospects, steps to close a sale, and overall best practices.

Next, review what else comes with the training. Some organizations take a look at the current practices of the sales force and management in order to come up with a proper training. Others do phone consultations and one-to-one breakouts in addition to group workshops. In addition to these extras, training companies may reevaluate the sales force after training to see if their curriculum had a positive effect.

Of course, what the company charges for individual or group training should match what is being offered. Always look at customer reviews on the company’s site as well as independent locations to get a feel for the organization before making a significant investment.…

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