Discover How it Makes No Sense to Be an Affiliate and Not Be a Network Marketer

I’ve recently made my return to the MLM or Network Marketing arena with a certain cockiness and swagger that I can’t explain. But I’ll tell you this. Making money online has never been easier. If you are a affiliate marketer you know how to generate traffic,target “buying” traffic, and create pre-sells. Which is why I can’t believe I haven’t made the return to the MLM industry sooner!

Here 3 reasons why you should return to the network marketing industry…


I believe this is the obvious reason behind joining a MLM. My first discovery when I made the return was that my conversion rates per subscriber were a lot higher then my affiliate sales pages. And I always treated my affiliate business like a numbers game. If I got 40 visitors I would be expecting a sale!

“So duh”, It’s no different with recruiting. If you are a active Clickbank entrepreneur you have executed the tricks to generate tons of traffic, You have created mini site after mini site to generate free traffic, and you have built partners to list swap with for days!

Now you can teach what you have learned and start building that wonderful thing called “leverage”.

*You Already Have A Brand

You have a list, an established following, and a record of your online sales. So use it to your advantage when generating new recruits for you Network Marketing business.

“Genuine Proof” is something that is truly valued in the home-based business industry!

*Back-End Sales

Now this is something we do very well. You provide value and evidence of how you can help them and how your primary business and your teaching can help them! And later down the road you implement those same pre-sells and affiliate links to funnel those buyers with different needs.

The Top Internet Marketers are using all of their means to generate WEALTH online!