It takes many years of dedication and hard work to become a manager. For this reason, no one in a managerial role wants to do a subpar job. There are a lot of components that go into being a good manager. Not only do you have to do your job well, but you have to be someone who your team likes and respects.

There’s more that goes into being a great manager than just showing up on time and being nice to people. If you want to improve your reputation as a manager, then follow these tips on how you can do better in your career.

Be Organized

The most frustrating thing in the world for an employee is when they go to management for an answer and management is too disorganized to give them the information they need. When you’re in a position of authority, it’s essential that you are organized always have your work life in order. This means not neglecting tasks, keeping a schedule and staying on top of things, whether it’s shooting that e-mail to the outsourced sales team or just arriving to a meeting on time.

Be Considerate

Managers can often have a lot on their plates. In fact, when employees complain about managers, they’re often forgetting that the manager in question is just as stressed and overworked as they are if not more so.

One of the simplest ways for managers to be liked by their employees is by being considerate. This means always regarding your staff as individuals and not just employees. When it comes to things like scheduling or delegating tasks, you should always take your employees’ needs into consideration. The more considerate you are of your employees, the more respected you’ll be.

Be Approachable

Employees hate having to feel like talking to their manager is a nerve-wracking or intimidating ordeal. Great managers understand that being feared is not a good sign of authority and power. Instead, you want your employees to feel like they can easily come to you without fear of being yelled at or treated unfairly.

Being a great manager takes a lot of practice, dedication and effort. However, if you can successfully endear yourself to your staff, accomplishing your professional goals will be a lot easier. Managers who are liked by their staff tend to advance more and do better professionally than those who aren’t particularly popular.