Promotional Giveaways For Hospitality Industries

In the highly competitive world of the hospitality industry, first impressions count and a lasting impression is vital. Promotional giveaways are an effective way to achieve this by enhancing the user experience in a tactile and memorable way.

For hoteliers, personalised giveaways can significantly add to the aura of luxury and prestige. For example, toiletries and a toothbrush set in a hotel bathroom add a touch of generosity, and give the perception of value for money. Equally, providing a sewing kit or bottled water in a bedroom is a practical way to enhance customer experience, and one that is bound to be appreciated due to the usefulness of the product. Most visitors to a hotel also make use of complimentary pens and paper so offering these within hotel rooms fulfils a certain level of expectation and convenience. All such touches not only mean a great experience for customers, they are also likely to generate repeat visits.

Within the restaurant world, printed sweets and mints are ideal as a giveaway, especially as they are often taken away for extended branding. Child-friendly establishments might prefer to offer printed lollies (as a reward for a clean plate); or alternatively a branded cuddly toy, as a healthier option.

For a budget friendly giveaway, printed balloons make a visual and fun brand reminder, and one that is likely to remain with the recipient for a positive long term association.

Leisure attractions such as theme parks and zoos have vast opportunities for branding, from paid souvenirs to giveaway items such as disposable ponchos. Branded ponchos, in particular, are an increasingly popular product and are often handed out as a goodwill gesture to crowds queuing in the rain, or for a small charge once on site. In heavy downpours, these are one of the most highly appreciated giveaways and even though they are disposable, they are often retained and worn subsequently, ensuring that branding will be seen far beyond the attraction itself.

For a lasting reminder of a day out or hotel stay, promotional souvenirs are effective as both an income generator and marketing tool. On-site souvenir shops can be filled with branded mugs, pens, t-shirts, and calendars, all of which provide long term advertising, and a great memory of a day out. They can even become a significant source of income, so a very effective way of marketing an attraction for limited investment.

Overall, a great experience is the aim of any hospitality industry and there is no better plan than to combine good service and good quality with a range of relevant promotional giveaways.