Rotten Tricks of the Carpet Cleaning Industry

Top Rotten Tricks exposed

1. CHEAP PRICE QUOTED. This is the most common rotten trick! The price given by the rotten “carpet cleaning cowboy” is 5-10 times less than a reputable cleaner. The trick is to get you booked in with the dirt cheap price and then jack the price up later once there in your home. They prey on your vulnerability. It’s called bait and switch. In some countries it’s illegal. You end up paying a lot more for the carpet cleaning then the original price quoted because the rotten trick is to add all these additional items that should have already been included in the price.

2. CERTIFICATION REQUEST. The carpet cleaning industry is not regulated by any governing organisation. What this means is that any person can buy the necessary equipment and immediately begin booking jobs. They legally don’t need to have any licence or education requirement. Having said that, there are many education/certification organisations that can equip new people in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skills they will need. An example is the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Most reputable Carpet Cleaning technicians are members of this organisation. If as a consumer you have requested the technician to prove their certification and they cannot then chances are they are not. A reputable carpet cleaner will always carry a copy of their certification and happily oblige a customer’s request. This is the same as an electrician or plumber undertaking works on your property without evidence of licencing. I’m sure you wouldn’t allow that.

3. GUARANTEE OF WORKMANSHIP. Any reputable carpet service technician will happily offer a guarantee of the workmanship. The question is, do you as the customer even request a guarantee?

If you ask the technician for a written guarantee makes sure that they actually produce one.

As the old story goes people will promise you something over the phone but when it comes time to produce the goods they don’t come through. If the carpet cleaner is reputable they will have no problem giving a guarantee. Why should you pay for something if you don’t get what you were promised?

4. LIES, LIES and More LIES. Be careful of carpet cleaners that make unrealistic claims. It is a fact that not all stains can be removed. These are known as permanent stains as opposed to spots. It’s not unusual for a carpet cleaner to lie to you on the phone and then again in your home. The truth is that you should really listen to what the person is saying and look for any contradictions. If they tell you that they can remove a stain and they don’t then you shouldn’t have to pay.