The paper tube manufacturing company has been in the industry for almost a century now. Their choice of high quality material and professional work has enabled them to be the top American industry manufacturing spiral paper tube and convoluted paper tube. They are built based on three major qualities, the first being character, the employee customer relations go a long way to support this. They ensure that they meet the clients need and services delivered in time. Tradition is the second basis. Ever since the beginning of the incorporation, they have provided high quality materials and needs to their customers, they are rooted at providing the same quality even with the advancement in manufacturing methods. Another basis is performance, ensuring that they have good relationship with customer based on high quality output, ensures that they have the best performance in the industry.

The Incorporation has a main product which is production of film cores. With the use of radial crush technology and testing capabilities with years of experience, they can produce film cores with specific dimensions and high strength standard both in pre-cut and parent core lengths. They offer other services such as custom printed film cores in and outside, depending on the customers’ specifications. Additionally, they can produce quality products for different surfaces among them are skived, polished ground, thin and film applications that are sensitive to pressure. As a customer service, they provide packaging options which are custom or special. Over the years, the company has grown and is now distributing its product to different states. The popular being Film cores oh, other areas include Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee among others.

To ensure customer satisfaction, it is necessary for any industry to manufacture a variety of their products in colors and materials. It is also an advantage to have specialists in color design and decorations. Therefore, this company Incorporation has not been left behind in this kind of performance; they have employed the same strategy in their production. To begin with, they produce cloth and floor covering cores. These are majorly known as carpets which are used in decorating the house and enhancing the outlook of a home, including cars. They have been designed in different colors, sizes, weight and material. Secondly, they produce metal foil and strapping cores. These foils are majorly made of aluminum for home use in packaging of food to avoid bacteria that spoil the food, they are used by bakeries and many more uses. In addition, they manufacture construction tubes that are used as pillars which unlike stone or timber; they are easy to decorate and customize to enhance the outlook of a building. Others are yarn carriers, mailing and packaging tubes, paper mill cores, spools and reels among many more.

In conclusion, the Incorporation has had a success in their business, with each passing day they increase their profits and providing employment to people. With diverse skills in the industry, it has ensured a great progress to the society.