You Are Good at Music and Thinking of Launching Your Music Career? Think Twice!

It is always nice to have a dream, an ambition, else there isn’t a lot to strive for in life. If you love music and you know how to play an instrument, or know how to sing, most probably your dream is to become a rock star, a celebrity or form part of a famous band. Well, if you have the talent and you already write good music, how hard can it be to arrive at the top?

It never was easy to be successful, but unfortunately, the more time passes, the more difficult it is becoming to shine as a musician, singer or band. In the music industry there is a fierce competition. Up to the 80’s, if a musician had the talent it was easier to reach the top. But nowadays it does not depend on how good the musician is, but mostly on luck and on the looks, or maybe even on how much skin one is ready to expose. Why is it so? Like everything else in the world, unfortunately the music industry is money driven like never before. There are a lot of people to blame for such a situation, and no one at the same time. Obviously, like any other kind of art, music means money.

Unlike in the old school days, where in the music industry there was not the amounts of money and fame of today, and business was much quieter, today the record labels are controlling the scene and not the musicians themselves. It is very hard for a talented musician to beat the monstrous marketing powers music labels have. Commercial music is at it’s best, since it is the music which in return produces more money.

I do not have anything against today’s bands and musicians, but I strongly believe that much more effort, skill, talent and will power was needed to write songs, or better called anthems like Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) or Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) than to write songs like I got a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas), or Girls (Sugababes). Apart from that, before the musicians themselves used to write their own material in backyards and garages, while nowadays there are a number of labels who are hiring divas and write songs for them, as long as they can sing or dance!

While before musicians and bands literally gave their lives away for music, and battled between themselves to make sure they reach the top, today as long as you are signed with a big label, you’re successful. No matter how commercial your music is, how low quality from the technical point of view your music is, as long as the label got the marketing budget, your song is out there being aired on radio stations and in night clubs, therefore rest assured you’re a success. Unfortunately the generic public is not choosy about music, but listens only to what is fed to them from music labels. As long as a particular song is played in public places, then the generic public will be brainwashed with such music and will buy the cd, thus making the music label owners richer than ever before and the ‘wrong’ artist more famous!