Natural Hair Care Remedies For Your Hair Using Ayurveda

There are many hair care products and treatments available today. It is very true that hair care should be as important as taking good care of the rest of the body. However, with all of the television advertisements and sale ads that are in our everyday life it can be difficult in making the correct decision on which treatment is the best choice. The hair care industry would have us to believe that their hair care products will deliver the best results. Many individuals are purchasing these shampoos and treatments with little to no positive results for their hair care problems.

Choosing to purchase commercial shampoos and treatments may not be right for most individuals. The Ayurvedic treatment is a natural remedy with herbs that can help prevent hair loss and dry scalp problems.

There are a few different causes of hair loss and damage to the hair. Stress can play a major role in hair loss as can scalp disease. When individuals grow older a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that the hair once had when they were younger have been lost. Most individuals are upset by the fact that they may experience loss of their strandsA�and will try all kinds of different types of treatments in the hopes of avoiding the devastation of losing their strands.

Lemon juice is packed full of vitaminA�C and when mixed with Amalaki powder can be used to shampoo and treat the scalp. Soak the powder in water overnight or for several hours. Once the powder has absorbed the water, gently squeeze out the excess water and use this water that is now full of the vitamins and nutrients to mix with the lemon juice to use as shampoo for the mane and scalp. When shampooing with this treatment make sure to cover the strands and gently massage into the scalp. Using the Amalaki treatment will aid in restoring the natural luster of the hair and aid in preventing loss of hair. This treatment can be used every day for a regular shampooing regimen.

For severe dry scalp and hair loss try using the root of a banyan tree. Mix the root with the juice of one lemon and mix well. Wash the hair with this mixture for several days. In addition, use coconut oil to treat the dry scalp and hair. Massage the oil into the scalp thoroughly and continue to use for several days until a noticeable difference is evident in the hair loss.