Snuko’s Anti-Theft Software Is the Perfect Solution to the Growing Problem of Health Data Theft

The United States Department of Health and Human reported this week that laptop theft is the number one cause of health data breaches. Last year alone, the United States reported 275,000 cases of health data infringement. Health data theft is a different breed of identity theft that can result in fraudulent acquirement of prescription drugs and medical equipment. Snuko, P.L.C., a leading British anti-theft software company has proactive answers for those in the medical community concerned about this kind of thievery.

Snuko’s anti-theft software can save potential victims of health data theft thousands of dollars. Snuko’s BlackBox software is designed to immediately block the hard drive of any laptop reported stolen, lost or missing. The ingenious design is also able to take a picture of the perpetrator with the digital camera installed above the screen. With an in-system GPS tracking device, the laptop and its invaluable data can be easily recovered. Reports have surfaced that the average cost to victims of health data theft is more than $12,000 greater than the average cost of general identity theft. Data theft has cost the American health care profession $12 billion over the past two years. Despite fervent efforts by state and federal legislatures, the cost to victims continues to rise. Snuko’s anti-theft solutions are a necessary response to this growing problem.

Similarly, installation of the Snuko anti-theft system can prevent the credit disaster associated with identity theft. In one instance, a fraudster was able to manipulate health data records to redirect her bills associated with childbirth to an unassuming victim thousands of miles away. Unbeknownst to this victim, the large medical bill in her name ended up in a collections bureau, taking her nearly ten years to correct the problem. The effects of laptop theft within the medical community can be quickly halted through the use of Snuko’s design, protecting thousands of unaware victims.

With the growing problem of medical data theft, thousands of patients are surprised to find their prescriptions suddenly depleted. Medical data thieves are eager to rob others of their prescriptions in order to obtain the drugs for resale. With dependence and street value of prescription drugs on the rise, many crooks are stealing opiate prescriptions, using every available refill and leaving the innocent pain-ridden patient without his necessary prescriptions. This is another problem easily prevented by implementing Snuko’s arsenal of laptop protections. By protecting health data, prescription theft will also be prevented, thus keeping invaluable drugs within the hands they belong.

Ultimately, the problem of health data theft will continue to infiltrate medical facilities unless users quickly install Snuko anti-theft protection. The growing problems of exorbitant costs, credit destruction and prescription theft must be addressed quickly in order to save the private and personal information found in medical data. Snuko’s BlackBox is the perfect product to combat such crimes and all those in the medical profession should be quick to install the software to protect all health data from theft.