How the Indian Fashion Wear Industry is Emulating the West

Indian fashion wear has been constantly evolving, thanks to foreign traders, western colonialism, and Greek and Islamic invasion. However, Indian fashion industry’s forte lies in its free-wheeling nature that aids absorb and transform anything foreign into truly Indian so much so that it becomes very difficult to identify its true origin. Today, the India fashion industry is driven by customer choices as well as globalization of Indian economy.

Various reasons for western influence on the Indian apparel and costume industry:

Open-minded culture coupled with cultural diversities:

India is a multilingual country inhabited by multi ethnic groups. The best part being each group has its own unique style and type of dresses and costumes. Indian Fashion designers are known to interweave these diverse fashions and lend an amazing Indian touch to them.

Winning of beauty pageants on international platforms:

In recent years, Indian women have been doing the nation proud by winning many international beauty pageants and naturally their style of dressing has highly influenced the ladies fashion /ladies apparel industry in India. The dresses donned by these participants are a blend of Indian and western wear. Commoners openly ape their role models and this eventually becomes the latest fad in the general fashion wear industry in India.

Indian Movies – a big influencing factor

Indian movies are known to leave a lasting impression the minds on Indians. In fact it affects everyday lives. People blindly emulate what their role models are wearing. And with movies following the western patterns of dressing it is natural for the ordinary folks to imitate them lock, barrel and stock.

Wide scale impact of Globalization and Liberalization:

Indian imports from the west have also made it easier for Indians to keep a track on the latest fashion clothes and accessories ruling the Western men and women’s wear market. Incidentally, Indian fashion industry has been drawing even western buyers. Needless to say, the fashion fraternity in India have willingly adopted western designs keeping in mind both the Indian and western sensibilities. Furthermore, liberalization has led to the beaming of western soaps that hinge around western style of living. The Indian denizens have taken a liking for such soaps to such a great extent that they don’t mind adapting the social and cultural changes and western lifestyles as well.

Overseas Education and employment opportunities:

The craze of going abroad and pursuing higher degrees has also brought about a perceived change in the fashion and lifestyle of young Indians. Indians consciously imitate the western style of living so as to make themselves attune to the lifestyles of the foreigners, so in case if they need to travel abroad they find it easier to adjust and move on with their lives. Moreover, employment opportunities have also attracted many young men and women to leave Indian shores and make a living for themselves in foreign lands. This naturally calls for a change in fashion style to suit the foreign sensibilities.

Use and throw concept:

Street wear concept developed in west and no doubt is slowly catching up in India as well. Street wear mainly involves low-priced clothes that cold be worn a couple of times and then discarded. Street wear is considered economical as opposed to the Indian traditional clothes that involve fine cotton, silk, etc. Street wear are produced in bulk and sold at the cheapest rates.

The sum and substance being the Indian fashion scene is completely under the influence of the west. The concepts and designs have been effectively intertwined into the Indian Fashion Industry.